Texas Tech student pulled over in stolen gun case before officer’s killing

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\LUBBOCK, Texas- As the Texas Tech police department prepares to bury one of their own, Lubbock police are busy piecing together the capital murder case against Hollis Alvin Daniels, 19, the college student they say shot and killed officer Floyd East, Jr., Monday night on campus.

One major bombshell unveiled: Lubbock police talked to Daniels the day before while investigating a report of a stolen gun. Turns out, Daniels' car matched the suspect vehicle description, but he denied consent when officers asked permission to search his car.

"Ultimately, it would have been unconstitutional for officers to search the vehicle," said Lubbock police chief Greg Stevens. "There was nothing to hold the individual on at that time, so they released him."

Court documents show that Daniels is charged with the possession of a stolen firearm, a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Officer East responded to a welfare check at Daniels' dorm on Monday, discovered drugs and paraphernalia and arrested him. During that time officer east was shot and killed inside the Texas Tech police department.

"He was searched during his time in custody. Unfortunately, he was able to gain access to a weapon," said Stevens.

Police have not explained how he got his hands on a gun. Daniels fled the scene, but law enforcement swarmed the campus just three minutes after the receiving the call of shots fired at 7:46 pm. Police spotted Daniels at 9:08 pm, and had him in custody by 9:26 pm. Daniels remains in the Lubbock County Jail, along with plenty of unanswered questions about his motive to kill a cop.