Brownsville man accused of stealing over $1.2 million worth of fajitas

BROWNSVILLE, Texas - A Brownsville man has been charged with felony theft after stealing over $1 million worth of fajitas, according to the Brownsville Herald.

The crazy caper went south when one day the alleged culprit, who works at the Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department, missed work for a medical appointment.

That same day a driver called the kitchen at the juvenile justice department saying he was dropping off 800 pounds of fajitas.

But when he was told they don't serve Tex-Mex food at the jail, he reportedly said he'd been delivering fajitas there for the past nine years!

That's when the jig was up for county employee Gilberto Escaramillo, who admitted to stealing fajitas for the past nine years, according to the Cameron County District Attorney.

Escaramillo was fired after that and then later arrested when investigators searched his home and found packages of fajitas in his refrigerator.

Officials said Escaramillo tapped the county for over $1.2 million worth of fajitas!

As this tweet put it, "How does one steal $1.2 million dollars worth of fajitas? Asking for a friend."

Now the famed fajita thief is sizzling behind bars!