When the Texans win, so do the fans!

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans secured a huge win over Cleveland Sunday, leaving fans celebrating into bye week. For those who are not aware. During bye week, when the Texans win, so do the fans, with great deals all over H-town.

“Oh we're happy to be able to enter this bye week with a win. That's what the most important thing going into this week to be able to regroup have a lot of these guys rest up and get healthy the next coming weeks when we have to prepare for Seattle,” said Texans Defensive End, Christian Covington.

“Each rep is another step for me to be able to grow as a player, as a person and as a leader, and getting more comfortable in the lead is very very hard to do,” said Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Participating Restaurants:

At McDonald's, you can get 6 chicken nuggets free! Better make sure you have that McDonald's app though, and have it ready.

At Jack in the Box, fans caught 2 Monster Tacos with any purchase.

And at Firehouse Subs, wear that Texans gear!  “You get one of our top four subs with the purchase of chips and a drink,” said store owner Jeff Lepow.  And if you do forget your Texans gear, being a former Texans cheerleader helps.

“I wasn't wearing anything and I was like, does my ring count? and so that worked so I got a free sub today,” said former Texans cheerleader, Antonieta Osuna.

But when it comes down to it, do the 3 - 3 Houston Texans prefer nuggets or tacos?

“I'm not a big nuggets guy, but tacos are one of my favorite foods,” said Texans Safety, Eddie Pleasant.

“Nuggets, I don't know, I guess I grew up on nuggets before tacos, I don't know, I eat nuggets a lot,” said Texans Outside Linebacker, Jadeveon Clowney.

But hey, you can also get a Papa John's pizza half off if you order online with promo code: 'Texans,' a free small shake with any combo at Fuddruckers, or 40 percent off one item at Palais Royal.