Furr High School students stage walk-out to protest suspension of 83-year-old principal

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HOUSTON-- More than three dozen students at Furr High School walked out Tuesday morning to battle for Bertie.

Dr. Bertie Simmons, 83, has been the principal for 17 years and students are outraged over a recent decision to suspend her.

"We're out here with the community people, taxpayers, we're out here with parents and students who want her back," said senior Jordan Davis. "We're just here to say, please bring her back immediately."

Simmons was banned from her post while HISD conducted an investigation into whether she threatened students with a baseball bat for not adhering to the dress code and wearing uniforms during the immediate aftermath of hurricane Harvey.  The district ultimately decided there was not enough to that.  However, she's still not back on-the-job and the community is ticked off.

Maria Delacruz is an alum and now has two children at Furr High School.  She was one of many who came out to support Simmons.

"She has made a big difference to the community. She has made a big difference to the school. There are kids that do need a lot of help and she's there for them," Delacruz said.

So, why is Dr. Simmons still out? She is apparently under investigation for something else. We just don't know what.

"The investigation is ongoing and that's all we can say about that," HISD's press secretary Tracy Clemons said.

"By all accounts, the morning protest was peaceful, which may be one reason the district did not try and stop it. We respect our students first amendment rights," Clements said.

Simmons lawyer-ed up when she was first placed on leave and has filed discrimination and retaliation complaints with four federal agencies.  So the early morning demonstration at Furr was tame. But if Dr. Bertie doesn't get reinstated, there's still a very good chance the fur is gonna fly!

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