‘Habitat Hammers Back’ making great strides in restoring Houston neighborhoods

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HOUSTON - After flooding from Hurricane Harvey ravaged their neighborhood, these homeowners' losses were hard to handle.

"Just the comfort of being able to come home we don't have that," homeowner Gloria Tucker shared. "So, just, we have emotions, they're roller coaster emotion, they go up and down."

"It's a sad story now, but even now, it's also you can picture this neighborhood coming back again," Habitat for Humanity International CEO Jonathan Reckford reflected shortly after Harvey's devastation.

Thanks to the helping hands of Habitat for Humanity these streets are bouncing back.

"We know that we need to repair these homes, and we need to also be able to get new homes to homeowners that right now are in desperate need," Houston Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Allison Hay announced.

It's called 'Habitat Hammers Back,' as Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping more than 6,000 families in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico recover from lost housing.

And Habitat for Humanity hopes to raise $100 Million to cover the costs.

"We are in the midst of one of the largest housing disasters we've ever experienced in the United States," Reckford said.

The organization got a boost on Tuesday with a $3.7 Million donation from Houston-based Aramco Services Company.

The gift will allow 176 homes in Houston to be repaired!

The dedicated volunteers feel their hard work is really making a difference one home at a time.

"If you were one of the fortunate ones to not experience any damage it's a good way to go out and give back 'cause you know it could have happened to anyone," Lee Jones, Habitat volunteer from Dow Chemical Company, suggested.

"Working here, volunteering, helping homeowners that we've got in our audience today, it changes our hearts," Thrivent Financial Divisional VP Nikki Sorum said.

"I'm so very thankful and grateful to God," Tucker added. "To see so many supporters out here it's a blessing."

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