Trump’s controversial condolence call now a war of words, while Congress wants answers about deadly Niger ambush

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WASHINGTON-- It's a war of words between President Trump and Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson over the president's condolence call to a grieving 24-year-old Gold Star widow over her slain husband who was ambushed in Niger earlier this month.

According to Representative Wilson, the president was disrespectful to the pregnant widow in offering his condolences and told her things like "he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt."

"It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on that conversation. Absolutely stuns me!" White House Chief of Staff John Kelly announced in a Thursday press conference.

"When she actually hung up the phone, and she looked at me and said he didn't even know his name," Wilson said. "Now, that's the worst part."

Trump responded on Twitter: "Democrat congresswoman totally fabricated what I said....Sad!"

"So insensitive. Mr. Trump is crazy," the congresswoman later retorted.

The ugly back and forth has been worse than an extended tennis match!

Some feel the prez started the whole controversy with his comments about past presidents not making condolence calls.

But some critics are also questioning Wilson's motivations in stirring emotions about the phone call, especially since her recollection of words has changed somewhat.

Some Republicans point out that Wilson has voted against most bills designed to help veterans and their families according to the bipartisan site,

And some question why Trump would call a grieving family in the first place just to be rude?

Now Congress is gearing up to investigate the ambush in Niger that killed four American servicemen and the cloud of mystery over the incident.

The tragedy of any fallen soldier should be cause for all sides to honor and respect the tremendous sacrifice for our country.

But it appears political posturing has taken center stage and that may be an American tragedy on its own.