McCain joins Dems to craft new bill regulating internet political ads

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Republican Senator John McCain is crossing over!

Well, at least he's cross the aisle to co-sponsor a bipartisan senate bill to regulate social media ads.

The bill is called the 'Honest Ads Act,' and it takes aim at the foreign influence and interference other countries might use to affect U.S. elections and further divide America.

House members said they're working on a companion bill as well.

The senators said that campaign transparency laws have not evolved fast enough to keep up with high tech innovations.

With the next national election only 383 days away, lawmakers said it's more important than ever to craft a new law to regulate social media political ads.

This new bill updates a law from 2002 to include internet and digital political ads to be regulated.

It also requires major internet platforms to document when a person or group has spent more than $500 on election ads and to also make a 'reasonable effort' to ensure that foreign individuals or groups are not purchasing the ads.

Up till now, tech companies have been reluctant to support attempts at regulating these ads, but now they seem to be singing a different tune.

Now, Facebook, Google and Twitter have all agreed to discuss the new bill further with Congress.

McCain said he's not sure if other GOP senators or leadership will support the bill.

But regardless, looks like 'The Maverick' strikes again!