Social media game causing parents fits by challenging teens to go missing for 48 hours

CYBERSPACE - Some parents are not too happy with Facebook now that a new game called '48-hour Challenge' is making their kids disappear.

Kids as young as 14 have been reported missing due to the game, which is designed to have kids disappear and hide from their parents for as long as possible.

Some teens decide to go missing as a pair or even in groups.

The object of the game is to get parents and loved ones to turn to social media to find the missing kid.

In a sick twist, the more a child is mentioned on social media, the higher the score the missing youngster will get.

Parents desperately searching for their missing child who ask Facebook followers for help are actually boosting their kid's score in the twisted competition.

"To know that something this sickening is circulating among our kids," Houston parent Kristi Johnson said.

"It's unsafe 'cause you don't know if you're coming back home when the 48 hours are over," Brooklyn Johnson added.

"The anxiety it left our family in is unspeakable," one family said.

One kid even posted selfies in the police car after being found and safely returned to their family.

Despite the game's apparent 48-hour rule, one child was in the lead after vanishing for 55 hours before finally being located.

Some parents think kids playing this risky game need a wake up call.

"If they're gonna be on social media, then their parents need to watch their social media, educate them so they know not to do something as idiotic as that," Cindy Ruiz Mansfield advised.

"You kids that are trying to do that on Facebook-- 48-hour challenge or whatever-- not cool!" father of four girls, Lee Leal, declared. "There's other ways to be cool instead of trying to get points from freaking out your parents."