Wi-Fi security flaw may allow hackers to steal your info from close range

HOUSTON--  A major security flaw could now make your Wi-Fi-connected devices susceptible to hackers.

WPA2 is a security protocol that protects modern Wi-Fi networks and researchers have discovered that it can now be manipulated through what's called a 'key reinstallation attack' a.k.a KRACK. It allows hackers to listen in to your transmissions when they're in close range.

Mary Dickerson is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Security and Chief Information Security Officer at The University of Houston.

"Any type of device whether it's Apple or Google, phone or computer could potentially be affected.

"They're listening in to the communications you're putting in on the Wi-Fi network so it's only something that you're transmitting whether if you're transmitting to someone or you're receiving a transmission back. So something that you have on your phone, they're not going to be able to get to. Something that is on another server some place, they're not going to be able to get to. They're basically intercepting a transmission that would go across," Dickerson said.

According to Dickerson no incidents have been reported yet.

"The key to protecting yourself is to keep all your devices updated. Also make sure that you're using different passwords for the different applications that you're using so in the event that something happens to one of your accounts, it doesn't automatically affect all of your accounts," Dickerson said.