Burger King takes on bullies with some real beef

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No junior deserves to be bullied!

That's the message fast food giant Burger King is serving up in a creative manner to recognize October as National Bullying Prevention Month.

The company decided to conduct a social experiment by making a video with teenage actors bullying a teen inside a Burger King.

The acting was quite convincing, and the real customers thought it was a real incident, but few spoke up or did anything about it.

So, then the restaurant turned the tables on the unsuspecting customers as actors behind the counter gave beat-up burgers to customers who quickly raised a ruckus over the mangled Whopper Junior.

Through the experiment, Burger King delivered the message that you should be just as willing to speak up about a bullied kid as a bullied burger.

At one point during the video, an actor posing as an employee asked a fuming customer, "Had you seen me bullying this burger would you have stood up and said something?"

"Yeah!" the customer angrily responds.

"Hmm, that's good to know," the actor answers.

The whole project was part of a partnership between Burger King and the organization NoBully.org.

Looks like they served up some social impact-- and that's no bull!

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