Houston is Better than L.A. at more than baseball, World Series war of words heats up

HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Astros will be taking on the City of Angels Tuesday night for game one of the World Series and this rivalry makes us think of what a waste of space L.A. really is.

Did you know, a nickname for Los Angeles is the Big Orange? Sounds familiar don’t it.

And hell our traffic is heaven compared to sitting all day on the 405.

Houstonians pride themselves on diversity. What drives you Los Ankeloosers? Imitation?

Sure you got actors who play astronauts but last time we checked ours are real.

Oh and that’s another thing. L. A. is super sunny and the Bayou City is known for relentless humidity. But it’s 70 degrees here and first pitch tonight in LA will clock a 95 degree temp. Couldn’t dodge the heat?

And where are you going to find a pool shaped any thing like California?

And cost of living, fugetaboutit!

The moral to this story is simple. You’ll come for the game but stay cause quite frankly, we’re better than you.