‘Co-Parenting with the Spurlings’ returns for second dose of reality on CW39

HOUSTON -- CW39's hit reality show, 'Co-Parenting with the Spurlings' is back starting this Sunday at 11am.

Season one of the Houston-based show, followed Dennis Spurling, a personal injury lawyer, and his ex-wife, Stephanie Spurling, a top educator, as they co-parent their two sons.

There were a lot of lessons to be learned and some family drama as well. And season two is filled with even more including some trips, surprise guest appearances, not to mention a DNA test. Could there be another Spurling?

Catch up with season one of 'Co-Parenting with the Spurlings' in order to get ready for season two.

Our own, Maggie Flecknoe,  of morning dose., had a chance to sit down with Dennis for a sneak peek at what's to come and a very candid conversation.

Check out the interview and be sure and watch ‘Co-Parenting With The Spurlings’ returning this Sunday on CW39 at 11am.