HCCO: Halloween safety tips, how to protect you and your child

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HOUSTON— The Harris County Constable’s Office knows how much fun Halloween night can be. To keep communities safe Constable Mark Herman has a list of tips to help your night run smoothly.

“We have scheduled additional patrol deputies for this night. In addition, we will have patrol deputies out specifically targeting known Sex Offenders that live in our communities. Our number one goal is to keep our kids Safe,” Herman said.

Here’s some tips to help keep you and your family safe on Halloween night!

  1. Never go into a stranger’s house or even ring their door for treats unless your parents are with you and say that it’s okay.
  2. Always make sure that your mom or dad is within sight when you go out trick-or-treating.
  3. Constable Deputies have detailed lists of all sex offenders in their assigned areas and the conditions of their parole or probation. These conditions often include, not participating in Halloween. This means, no Halloween decorations, handing out candy and or front porch lights on
  4. If you are an older kid or young teen and going out with friends make sure that your parents know where you are going and who you are going with.
  5. Vandalism is never cool! Throwing eggs at cars and houses is not cool. You can be arrested and punished as a juvenile.
  6. Hurting animals is never acceptable behavior! Some people use Halloween as an excuse to hurt cats and that is just wrong! Not only is it illegal, hurting or torturing animals is punishable by law.
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