Lance Berkman predicts who would win between his ’05 Astros, current World Series ‘Stros

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HOUSTON — With all the excitement of the Houston Astros in the World Series right now, it’s easy to forget the team actually made it to the Fall Classic 12 years ago. Beloved Astros legend Lance Berkman helped lead that team in 2005.

Berkman popped up at Dick’s Sporting Goods in the Galleria area on Thursday happy for his former team!

“Anytime you can start a series and you don’t have home field advantage, and take one of the two games in LA and come back home and you feel good or you’re playing good– I think the advantage is definitely with the Astros right now,” Berkman suggested.

So, who does this former six-time All-Star feel is the Astros MVP?

Jose Altuve, of course!

“He’s gotten big hits, so you know, for sure I would have to say Jose is the MVP of the team,” Berkman added.

And does this World Series champ have any advice for how his former team can close out the LA Dodgers?

“A real key to the series for them is gonna be how well their 3 and 4 starters pitch, and I think McCullers is a guy that’s really– and Morton– I mean both of those guys are up to the task,” Berkman said. “They’re really gonna need to pitch five..six innings to give the Astros a chance to stay in the games and to use their bullpen effectively– and if that happens I think they’re gonna be really tough to beat.”

So, how does this year’s team compare to Berkman’s ’05 team that got swept?

“It’s really not a contest, I mean, this year’s team is significantly better than our ’05 team from a lineup standpoint,” Berkman admitted.

But because of pitching, Berkman still thinks his ’05 Astros could beat the current Astros!

“Because I was a member of that team I would have to pick the ’05 Astros, but it would be like a 2 – 1 game or 1 – 0 game,” Berkman grinned. “Those are the kind of games that we won that year.”

Well, either way…Go ‘Stros!

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