Bear runs into Tennessee candy store, caught on camera

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GATLINBURG, TN -A bear in a Tennessee candy shop was caught on camera running through the streets of downtown Gatlinburg.

People cleared a path as the bear dashed into the sweet shop, where an employee came face-to-face with it.

"I come walking around like this and there was a bear standing right there. And I looked at it like this, I said 'hang on one moment and I'll be right back," said Tina Aucker, who works at Aunt Mahalia's Candies.

When Aucker came back, the bear was gone. Wildlife experts in the Smoky Mountains say the bear was probably hungry.

"Bears are spending a majority of their time eating right now," Wildlife biologist, Bill Stiver said,

Apparently, this one didn't have a sugar rush, because it left empty-handed. However, it did leave a paw print on the rug.

It was a bitter-sweet moment for Auckland seeing the bear up-close. She said, "I love bears but I don't want to be that close to them."

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