Alleged police officer impersonator accidentally pulls over real cop

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LOUISVILLE, Kent. - Police say a "wanna-be" cop, 24-year-old Brandon Hurley,  impersonated an officer by using flashing lights and a honking horn to pull over a car that drove by him.

The driver who was pulled over happened to be a real cop who was off-duty in his own personal vehicle.

"The officer passed the defendant, the defendant then did a u-turn in the road and got behind affiant's vehicle," Judge Sean Delahanty explained. "That's some bad, that's just some bad luck there, dropping behind a police officer."

But Hurley must have really been feeling lucky.

Hurley allegedly accused the driver of hitting a curb, but when the driver asked Hurley for his badge number and identified himself as a real cop, police say Hurley got in his car and bolted!

"Officer was able to get the defendant's license plate number," Delahanty continued. "The officer believed he recognized the defendant from high school, which is another bad break."

And now Hurley's luck has really run out!

"He's charged with impersonating a police officer and wanton endangerment, 2nd," the judge declared. "He's got a $500 bond."

"This certainly presents a potential danger to the community. If somebody is trying to impersonate a police officer and make stops and does things that they are not authorized to do," a prosecutor in the case said.

Now Hurley just hopes he gets lucky on his next date in court!

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