Former Army recruiter sentenced to 16 years in prison for arming drug cartel in Mexico

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A former U.S. Army recruiter in Texas has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for arming a Mexican drug cartel!

A Federal court in San Antonio handed down the sentence Thursday to former army sergeant Julian Prezas.

"Disappointed with the outcome and it's unfortunate somebody who has given so much of his life to his country and now he's going to have to pay was such a heavy price for it," Prezas' attorney George Dombart said.

The 37-year-old Prezas pleaded guilty to five counts of making a false statement during the purchase of firearms and one count of trying to export guns into Mexico.

Authorities said Prezas conspired with several other soldiers to illegally purchase more than 40 assault rifles and then sold the guns which ended up in Mexico's Gulf cartel.

And get this investigators said Prezas used social media to sell the weapons!

"Not only was he posting ads for buying and selling firearms and body armor and that sort of thing, but he was doing it in his army uniform,"  ATF spokesperson Nicole Strong said.

Prosecutors say the former army recruiter actually recruited several other soldiers to join him in making the illegal weapon sales.

"Prezas was clearly the ringleader both off the job and on the job as he was funneling these guns to the cartel," Strong said.

Prezas tried to blame some of his poor decision-making on suffering from PTSD but authorities didn't buy that.

"When you have a dirty seed that's going to go out and commit those crimes, it's important for us to note, that nobody is above the law," Strong declared.

Prezas claimed in court this was just a hobby that got out of control.