Houston Astro pitches in to save some pups

HOUSTON - He pitched a save in Game 7 against the Yankees, clinching the ALCS. And now the World Champion Houston Astro, Lance McCullers, Jr. stayed in Houston, just days after the World Series win, to help save some four legged Houstonians.

“I think it`s even more important now that we have even a bigger platform to try and make even a bigger impact Houston Pet’s Alive! And Austin Pets Alive! after the hurricane we saved over 2,000 dogs already so we`re looking to continue to keep saving them and this is the perfect time to be a part of this because the City of Houston and all the shelters have actually not had to put any dogs down since the hurricane because of the volunteer work that Houston Pets Alive and Austin Pets Alive! and everyone else in the city has done,” McCullers says.

Fans were lined up early! For McCullers, has it sunk in yet that he`s a World Series champ?

“You know after we won, I was with Verlander and he said, ‘Really appreciate these moments' and I said ‘Ya man I’m trying,’ and he said 'You don`t know it yet, but you`re taking it for granted, right now, but you don`t know it yet.' And uh, it`s hard to you know I guess take it in it`s full glory when... I think someone more like Beltran or Verlander or guys that have been there a couple times and been around for an extremely long time those guys truly understand the magnitude of it. We think we do. But um I’m just really trying to enjoy it and really trying to take what we did, and apply it, and give back,” McCullers says.

Adoption fees will be waived here at Houston Pets Alive! on Stella Link through the end of the weekend.

Come on out and save a life - and make a new friend to watch the Astros take the trophy again next season!!