Critter News: Houston critters cheer for the Astros, while some goats in New York may be haunting a cemetery?

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HOUSTON - Humans aren't the only ones experiencing Astros fever in H-town right now.

Plenty of furry fans are going wild over the Astros at the Houston Zoo!

A California sea lion named 'Jonah' ditched his native Dodgers for the hometown 'Stros and 'Max,' the elephant barn dog at the zoo showed off his Astros pride.

The giraffes and even a creepy, crawly tarantula got in on the fun as well.

Speaking of Astros, Houston's Game 3 World Series pitcher-- Lance McCullers, Jr.-- has a special place in his heart for animals.

That's why his foundation teamed up with Houston Petset to help transport dozens of displaced pets rescued after Hurricane Harvey.

Just one more reason to cheer for Lance-- both on and off the field!

Even though the pooches were transplanted into Californians, they'll still be rooting for the 'Stros all the way!

As the 'Stros try to eliminate the Dodgers in Tuesday night's Game 6, a couple of penguins over at Moody Gardens say they've already determined this year's World Series winner.

They say it will be the Houston Astros!

Yep, using fish and rocks-- these 'Boys of Winter' chose a winner for this year's Fall Classic.

These penguins picked Space City's team by a grand slam!

Finally, is this cemetery in upstate New York being haunted by some goats?

No, these aren't ghostly goats, they are helping the keepers to go green and trim the grass more environmentally-friendly than by using lawn mowers.

The area has even been certified by the Green Burial Council.


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