Strange Science: Infra red technology of the Great Pyramid in Giza leads to amazing new discovery

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GIZA PLATEAU, Egypt - A secret is out at one of the oldest artifacts on the planet-- The Great Pyramid!

Yep, we learned a big secret thanks to a high tech cosmic ray scan of the mighty pyramid, and now experts have discovered a large secret chamber in the 4,500-year-old pyramid.

The discovery was published Thursday in the journal Nature.

It's the first discovery inside the massive monument since the 19th Century!

A scientific group conducting a mission called 'Scan Pyramids' used a new particle-tracking technique to discover the void nearly 100 feet long, right above the Queen's Chamber inside the pyramid.

Researchers said there is a smaller one just below it.

So, what can we learn from this amazing new discovery?

Some researchers say the chamber probably isn't another burial chamber but it could give hints to how the pyramid was built.

Drilling inside the sacred structure is strictly forbidden, so whatever secrets that lie inside this chamber will remain sealed for awhile.


Until next time, stay strange!

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