Beard Game Strong! Celebrate Movember by sporting favorite Astros player’s beard

HOUSTON -- Globally, 14 million men participate in Movember or No Shave November each year to raise awareness for men’s health awareness. At Boardroom Salon for Men, they're here to keep men looking sharp through what can turn into a “hairy” month.

After last week’s World Series win, we still have baseball on our minds. This year, why not sport the facial of your favorite Astros player?

Here are the looks and what products to use:

  • Our first player is Dallas Keuchel

    • Dallas sports a clean mustache with a long, heavy beard. This can take some time to grow.
    • Just as you wash the hair on your head, you should wash the hair on your face.
    • To keep it looking neat, start by cleansing with a good beard wash, followed by a beard conditioner to combat frizz and keep it feeling soft.
      • *Try Beardbrand’s Beard Wash and Beard Softener
    • Avoid the lumberjack look by using clippers, trimmers or scissors to maintain a uniform length throughout the body of the beard.
    • Finish with beard oil – this will keep stray hairs in line.
      • *Try Beardbrand Beard Oil
  • Our second player is José Altuve
    • José sports more of a traditional beard and mustache that most guys can easily grow in a few days or weeks.
    • To achieve this look, we recommend shaving your neck to just under the jaw line, shaving the top of the beard along the cheek for sharp, defined lines.
    • Finish with a mustache wax beard to keep facial hair neatly groomed.
      • *Try Beardbrand’s Mustache Wax
  • Our third player is Jake Marisnick

    • While Jake’s 5 o’clock shadow seems like it can take no effort, a little effort can go a long way to keeping it looking polished.
    • Use trimmers or scissors to cut away any stray hairs – you want a uniform look.
    • Finish with a conditioning oil to alleviate any itching that men will often experience.
      • *Try Beardbrand’s Conditioner with Oil


For more information, please visit Happy Movember fellas!