Former dentist Clara Harris is getting out of prison after serving 15 years for killing her cheating husband

HOUSTON - When it comes to parole hearings, apparently, the third time's the charm for a Friendswood dentist convicted of killing her husband 15 years ago.  Clara Harris was sentenced to 20 years for murdering David Harris by repeatedly running him over in her car.  According to the parole board, serving three quarters of her sentence is long enough.

"I feel certain that she's used her expertise in dentistry to benefit her fellow inmates," said her attorney, George Parnham. "I think she will once again become successful in any endeavor that she chooses to engage in."

The bizarre murder-by-Mercedes incident spawned true crime books and a made-for-TV movie called "Suburban madness."  In one scene, the woman repeatedly runs over her cheating husband in the parking lot of a hotel where he and his mistress are repeatedly hooking up.  It was totally, as they say, ripped from the headlines.

In 2002, Clara and David, an orthodontist, were a power couple with toddler twin boys and multiple dental offices.  Clara suspected David was stepping out on her and hired Blue Moon Investigations to follow him.

The P.I. was at the Nassau Bay hotel when Clara and her teenage stepdaughter confronted David and his girlfriend.  Then, with the young girl in the front seat, Clara revved up her rage which resulted in murder.

"There'll be counselors available to her, there will be, I'm sure, programs that help her to be re-indoctrinated into real life without having bars."

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