Low voter turnout could hamper local issues like bars and restaurants selling alcohol in the Heights

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MONTROSE - 'Twas the day of the election— and hardly a voter was stirring!

Yeah, what's going on here?

A voting site on West Gray in Montrose looked like it was closed for the season rather than open for business.

So, what's up with the poor voter turnout this election day?

"It's so sad, so sad," voter Kevin Riddle remarked. "It's more important now than ever that we all vote, and this is pitiful."

Richard Herman agreed. "Probably just 'cause it's not an election, a big election this time," he summed up.

"It's just as important as voting in a presidential election," Barrett White declared. "People don't typically realize how important elections are, but if you want to see change on a large scale you have to start at home. You have to start voting on the things that affect your city and your community,"

Maybe the one burning issue on the ballot is the city's Proposition F for residents in the Heights which would lift a ban on alcohol sales at bars and restaurants.

The ban has been in place since 1912 and requires patrons to turn over their ID and join a private club in order to drink at Heights establishments.

So, maybe that will rock the vote?

"I don't know, I just think people remain not focused enough on what's going on," Riddle added.

Of course, many area school districts have bond proposals.

Some of the school bonds have hefty price tags of more than $600 and $900 million, so maybe that will mobilize voters.

"I just think people need to be more educated about the importance of voting," Riddle said.

One thing's for sure.....compared to last year's presidential election, this one's truly a yawner!