Cypress shooting range offering free concealed handgun training to clergy members 

HOUSTON — In response to the Sutherland Springs church massacre, Hot Wells Shooting Range in Cypress is offering free concealed handgun licence training to clergy members with hopes of helping to combat active shooters in the future.

"We hope more people will fight back. As a priest, they're a shepherd. They have a flock out in front of them. They've got a different view than the rest of the congregation and absolutely, we hope all of them will one, get the training and two, carry a gun," said Josh Vacek, the general manager of Hot Wells Shooting Range.

Cavek said the shooting range wanted to take part in the conversation about gun laws and is offering this promotion as a way for responsible gun owners to be pro-active.

"The problem is not the gun, the problem is humanity. It's the lack of respect for human life and we see that every day in society. We're doing this now because it is close to home. It happened in church. We go to church, and we feel for that community. They're our neighbors here in Texas and we just want to help out any way that we can," Vacek said.

Priests, pastors and other religious officials can come in for a free round of classes until the end of the year.

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