Sen. Cornyn proposes bill to require federal agencies to report all criminal convictions in national crime database

WASHINGTON  — What could have prevented the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history?

Some officials believe strengthening existing background checks for gun purchases.

"Fixing the background check system, which I think failed us terribly here," Sen. John Cornyn of Texas announced on the senate floor. "And it failed, of course, the 26 people who lost their lives."

Cornyn plans on introducing a bill to ensure all federal agencies report past criminal convictions.

"This gunman should not have been allowed to purchase firearms and should have been arrested when he tried to do so," the senator declared.

But some Democrats think GOP gun bills are just a lot of talk.

"They're afraid of the NRA," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said. "So I am not optimistic that they will be— that we will be able to get something done."

Cornyn's new bill might have prevented Sunday's carnage since Air Force officials admitted they should have flagged the shooter, Devin Kelley, in the national crime database when he was court martialed. But they failed to do so.

Even the church's pastor told authorities he could sense something sinister in Kelley just days before the massacre.

"He just said that he did not think that he was a good person, and did not want him around his church," Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt revealed.

Of course, some say since Kelley had such a troubled past— including sneaking guns onto a secure air base in New Mexico— he would have found a way to get his hands on illegal weapons, one way or another.

But tragically, because of many breakdowns in the system...we'll never know for sure.