Critter News: Jaguar cubs, dog in high chair and a chicken fugitive

HOUSTON - The Houston Zoo is welcoming animal lovers to come and take a peak at their latest addition to the Jaguar den.

The brother and sister cubs are Fitz and Emma were born at the zoo back in July, but they are just now making their public debut.

The Houston Zoo works with conservation partners in Brazil to help save the natural forest habitat of these beautiful cats!

Another cuddly baby can be found at the Lake Superior Zoo in Minnesota.

A Cotton-Top Tamarin Monkey that was born in October to monkey parents, Jasmine and Fang.

The zoo won't know if it's a boy or girl for weeks but they plan on having a naming contest once they find out.

And while this sweet pooch may not be a baby, she sure eats like one.

Tink, the Labrador Retriever suffers from a rare condition known as Megaesophagus that makes it hard for her to digest her food. Tink has to eat in a doggy high chair so that she can stay in an upright position while eating. According to her owner the gravity makes sure her food goes down properly.

"We typically burp her as crazy as that sounds and then we do a throat massage where we get in deep to the esophagus and just try to help move the food down," Tink's dad, Tom Sullivan said.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin someone actually called the cops on a chicken crossing the road!

"The officer was responding to a complaint of a chicken in the roadway," Eau Claire Police Dept. Officer Kyle Roder said. "Unfortunately, upon arrival the officer was unable to find the chicken, so we were not able to determine why the chicken crossed the road."

Well, that's a mystery detectives won't easily solve.