NewsFix in Space: Uber teams up with NASA, flying saucer in Idaho and more!

HOUSTON— Today's adventure takes us into orbit in search of a flying car that may come as early as 2020, thanks to Uber and their new partnership with NASA.

The unmanned air system known as Uber Elevate signed a Space Act agreement with NASA in hopes of developing safe and efficient traffic management over urban airspace.

Uber plans to start demonstrations of the new flying taxis in select cities in a couple of years, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

Speaking of flying high, the U.S. Air Force says it is working with Lockheed-Martin to develop high energy laser weapon systems.

The lasers will be used to protect forces from missiles and drones and hopes to test this new technology by 2021.

Finally, has a UFO landed in Idaho?

A UFO themed chicken coop built by a couple in Boise is causing quite a stir.

"We just decided the satellite dishes were going to be perfect for what we needed," Ellen Deangelis explained.

It's even climate-controlled so the hens stay warm while on board.

With an out of this world hen house like this, you better believe these chicks are really gonna fly the coop!

Until next time, keep watching the skies and keep watching NewsFix in Space!