HPD investigating Family Dollar employee who was shot and killed in store

HOUSTON - A violent shooting at a Houston Family Dollar store has left one man dead and Houston police are looking for the two men responsible.

Officer Todd Tyler with HPD's Homicide Division says, "We still don`t know an exact motive of it. There are some video cameras. So we`re trying to get video maybe that will give us a little more indication of what happened."

The incident happened around 10 p.m. on Friday night at the Family Dollar at Jensen Drive near Crosstimbers.

One witness explained what she saw, "We said damn... is someone in there fighting? By the time we got up to come see, we heard two gunshots. They shot one of the workers in there. They say he got shot in the hip. I just pray and hope he makes it. He`s too young. No more than about 18 or 19 if he`s that old."

Police say the store clerk was transported to the hospital but he died from his injuries. The crime has those living in the neighborhood shaken.

"It just ain`t safe anymore. People don`t know what to do. Scared to come out of your door. You lock your door, you`re still uncomfortable. People shouldn`t have to live like that."