Five Texas congressmen are retiring across the state; 2018 looks to be contested primary

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HOUSTON -Five Congressmen from Texas have announced they’re retiring from their coveted place of power in Washington, D.C.

“It’s pretty unusual, you don’t see a lot of retirements happening, especially you don’t see a lot of retirements happening all at once,” said University of Houston Political Science Professor, Brandon Rottinghaus.

Republican Ted Poe was one of the first and most recently Democratic Congressman Gene Green.

What’s going on?

“Most of the time it’s the case that the member’s are getting older, they want to spend some time in retirement with their family and with their grandkids. It’s also the case that there are internal rules in congress which limit the ability for the committee chairs to serve for longer than a fixed period of time. So many of the powerful members of the Texas delegation are hitting their head on that ceiling. The final thing is that Washington is not a very fun place to be right now,” said Rottinghaus.

So wait, is this a Trump thing?

“It’s not all Trump, it’s clear that in some districts that you would find members wanting to walk away cause they’re fearful that they can’t embrace Donald Trump and yet they can’t run against Donald Trump, so the best thing to do is simply retire," Rottinghaus explains.

Congress definitely can’t be a fun place right now, their approval rating right is only 13.4 percent.

We know at least one person who thinks she’s up to the task. State Senator Sylvia Garcia announced today that she’ll be running for Texas’ 29th District Congressional seat.

One thing’s for sure, the primaries in March or going to be a slugfest.

Get ready Texas, you’re going to have a lot of important decisions to make!