Inside Story: A plan to stop flooding in Houston

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HOUSTON — Whether by rain or reservoir if you were anywhere near the Bayou City when Harvey hit, you definitely got wet.

Following the storm, emergency management officials were left with one question: how to reduce flooding in case anything like it happens again?

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is pushing to have a third reservoir built, so that the Barker and Addicks won't overflow again.

Emmett wants to use money from the Texas Rainy Day Fund to pay for it.

He estimates building a third reservoir would only cost $500 million of the $10 billion currently in the fund.

However, in order to get he money, Governor Greg Abbott must call a special legislative session before January of 2019.

Another solution Emmett pitched was to develop an improved flood warning system and evacuation plan to help first responders get in quicker so they can get residents out faster. It could have benefited everyone, no only during Harvey, but also during the Memorial Day and Tax Day floods.

Let's dive in with the man with the plan in today's Inside Story from the pages of Houstonia.