North Carolina man charged with murder after parking spot dispute turns violent

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GASTONIA, N. C. — It's hard to believe that someone could actually kill over a measly parking space, but apparently a man in North Carolina did just that.

"It's crazy!" one of his neighbors told a reporter.

Police said Gregory Town, 59,  shot and killed his neighbor in a heated dispute over a parking spot.

"I just walked outside and seen cops from down there to down here," neighbor Daniel Hufton remarked.

"You know, we really had no idea what was going on," another neighbor Jon Frost said.

This quiet, dead end street turned out to be a dead end for Town's next door neighbor Patrick Schneider, 25, a father of two.

Authorities have charged Town with first degree murder in Schneider's death after finding Schneider shot and lying in the middle of the road.

Investigators say the two men were arguing before shots were fired but they also say tensions between the two had been ongoing.

"To argue, to have a disagreement is one thing," Frost suggested. "But to go to such an extreme over something so simple, I think, is irrational."

Neighbors and family members are still in total shock. All said they never thought things would ever come to something like this.

"People just need to really learn how to take a breath for a minute, you know what I mean and just calm themselves down," Frost insisted.

Town currently sits behind bars with no bond.