Recycling resumes for parts of Houston after 2.5 month hiatus following Harvey

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HOUSTON — Starting this week, parts of Houston will see recycling trucks make a comeback after the city stopped curbside recycling pickup for two and a half months following Hurricane Harvey.

It's a big sigh of relief for some residents who've had their plastic, cardboard and aluminum trash piling up for weeks, creating a stinky situation that needed to get a clean toss once and for all.

"I had to toss my recycling into the regular trash for the last few weeks because it was piling up and it smelt so bad, I had no other choice. I was even keeping some of the recycling in my backyard but I couldn't take it any longer, so I am very glad that it's finally been picked up now," West Houston resident, Taiwo Afolabi said.

The city has been split into "A" and "B" areas, with the "B" areas resuming curbside recycling pickup this week, and "A" areas resuming next week, November 20th.

The city is still not picking up any glass, household junk like furniture, or yard waste. Those can instead be dropped off at a neighborhood depository like the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center.

To help ease the process for crews, the city asks that residents don't bag up their recycling in plastic bags, but rather, leave any bottles or cartons free flowing. Loose materials speeds the processing line and ensures minimum contamination.

To find out when your home is scheduled for pickup, you can search online for a specific address or intersection, just click here.