Texas Rep. Senfronia Thompason gives insight into sexual harassment in Austin

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HOUSTON — Suddenly, sexual harassment allegations are seeing the light of day like rarely ever before.

And some female legislators in Texas reportedly created a little book of secrets about their male colleagues in Austin and the bad behaviors those guys have committed.

But the nation's longest-serving female legislator,  State Representative Senfronia Thompson, says she's not aware of the spreadsheet called the 'Burn Book of Bad Men.'

But on sexism in Austin, Thompson says things are definitely not as bad as they used to be in our state capitol.

And she ought to know since she famously called out her male colleagues for their bad behavior toward women in the past; first, back in 1973 and more recently in 2011.

"We fight here, we get elected just like you do," Thompson told the statehouse chamber. "We have not earned this kind of disrespect! And I don't want it tolerated by anybody!"

These days, Thompson sees the current stream of revelations as a good thing.

"This onslaught of persons coming out all over the nation, continuously, is going to shift the thinking of society as far as respect is concerned," she told NewsFix.

As far as the 'Burn Book' goes, if it does exist, Texas politics may never be the same again if it ever goes public.

Then again, with Ms. Thompson around, who needs a secret book?

"You can stand up, and you can fight back," she said. "And you have rights— even if you are a female."

Amen, sister!