Is the customer always right? BBB gives advice, reports seeing uptick in complaints post Harvey

HOUSTON - If you have a beef with the service you've had or feel you've been treated unfairly as a consumer, you can always turn to the Better Business Bureau.

It doesn't matter the monetary value of your complaint, but if a consumer is not satisfied with a company's product or services, or feel that a company was deceptive in its advertising, then a file can be opened with the BBB to seek  resolution.

Leah Napoliello, senior director with BBB of Houston, said, "It's important for the consumer to take good notes, to take any contracts and have documents that basically support their case, but they should provide a very detailed complaint in the text and should also explain how they want that complaint resolved."

In 2016, the most complaints filed in Houston had to deal with problems with major appliances, followed by new car deals, trash removal and used car deals.

Napoliello added, "We also see a lot of billing issues, people billed improperly, That happens quite a bit, so it can really run the gambet of  many different things. We also see advertising disputes. Something is advertised at a certain price and then it turns out to be a different price. "

With Harvey slamming into the Bayou City,  the BBB saw an uptick in accusations of price gouging for essential products.

Napoliello said they're seeing different complaints a few months after Harvey, "We have started seeing more contractor complaints come in after the storm, so initially we did not receive those."

So just how do these issues get resolved?

"Basically we give the company an opportunity to respond to the complaint and resolve it, so the company has a certain time period to do that and then that resolution is sent back to the BBB which is sent to the consumer which they can either accept or reject the complaint resolution. So there could be more back and forth if the consumer wants that business to do more. If it cannot be resolved with an accredited business then we will send that to mediation or arbitration."

There's the old saying, "The customer is always right."

Let's hope it stays that way.