Maggie’s Must-Haves: Essentials for a great hair day

HOUSTON -- Why have a good hair day, when you can have a great hair day?! I have some Maggie's Must-Haves that will help you turn heads with that fab mane.

AQYUIS Essentials: Hair Towel & Turban

AQUIS towels and turbans definitely help cut down on the frizz and crazy hair days. They're super-absorbent, ultra-soft and gentle on hair. What I love most is it cuts down on my blow drying time. They dry strands 5x faster than cotton towels. Both are $30

TxturePRO by Wet Brush Detangler
Detangling hair after a dip in the pool in the ocean is a must, and with the help of TxturePRO`s innovative IntelliWave bristles, it doesn`t have to be painful or damaging to your hair, either! I use mine right after the shower and love it.
You can find it at Target for $9.99.

Lavish by Vikki Ziegler Hair Perfume and Body Fragrance
Whether you want to freshen up after the gym or smell good for a night on the town, Lavish Hair Perfume has you covered. With `Fresh Start` for daytime and `Evening Essence` for nighttime, you can add shine and protect from humidity, while smelling and feeling your best! You can get both for $49.99 or $34.99 each.

Controlled Chaos: The New, Eco-Chic Solution to Beautiful Curls

Healthy, beautiful curls are on every curly girl`s wish list, but anyone with naturally curly hair knows that achieving this is easier said than done. Give your locks a little love and care with Controlled Chaos' Curl creme- the all-in-one, eco-chic treatment for gorgeous curls, coils and spirals! Also helps the frizz in this Htown humidity.

Okay go away. Try these out for a great hair day!