Caught on Camera: Man sleeps through Burger King armed robbery; looters hit Toyota dealership during Harvey

HOUSTON — It was a real holdup when these two crooks barged into the Burger King on Holcombe, hopped over the counter and demanded money from the employees in October.

Both suspects were armed and aimed their handguns right at the terrified workers!

Houston police said the crooks demanded money from the cash registers and the safe.

And they still weren't done, since cops say they also demanded the employees' personal stuff, too.

But it must have been a quiet robbery because a customer seems to sleep through the whole thing.

The customer in the corner appears to be asleep when the robbers enter the fast food joint, and later when they leave, the dozing customer stayed crashed in the corner.

Crime Stoppers and the Houston Police Department are asking for help to identify these two suspects and deliver a whopper by putting the pair behind bars.

Meanwhile, authorities also need help identifying these two masked bandits who looted a Toyota dealership during Hurricane Harvey.

It wasn't a good feeling when these two creeps raided the Mike Calvert Toyota dealership on the South Loop during all the flooding.

The suspects used a power-saw to break into a safe, and cops say they got away with some loot.

But now there's a price on their heads: $5,000 bucks for info leading to their arrest.

Maybe that'll drive 'em to jail!