Former Texan Arian Foster stands by his decision to kneel during National Anthem last season

HOUSTON - Former Texans running back Arian Foster firmly believes he'll be on the "right side of history" for his participation in a National Anthem protest that took place last season.

"The national conversation was starting and in order for the grievances I had with my country to have any hopeful progression, this was a chance to be a part of that discussion," Foster said.

Foster discussed the protests as well as many other issues at the University of Houston's "The Game Changers: From Raised Fists to #TakeAKnee" round-table.

Foster was joined by former Olympian John Carlos, who stood on the 1968 Olympics, winners' podium with his fist raised in the air in support of global human rights.

"The statement I was making wasn't for John Carlos. I didn't look to be no icon in society," Carlos said. "I did look down the line at my kids and the change I want and I'm fighting for right now is for my kids to have a better life."

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