Lawmaker calls for dash cams after alleged beating caught on video

CNN— A Connecticut lawmaker is calling for dash cameras to be installed on police cars.

After the family of Aaron Kerney,18, said police used excessive force when they arrested Saturday.

Kerney’s mom can be heard crying and telling officers, “Run baby, you’re punching my son.”

The officer can be seen punching Kerney and telling the mom, “I am.”

“It’s very disturbing what was on that video,” said congressman Christopher Rosario. “We’re calling for an expedited investigation into the situation that happened and if there are charges to be filed there needs to be charges filed.”

Rosario is also the chair for the black and Puerto Rican caucus in Connecticut.

“We’re the largest municipality in the state and we don’t have any type of camera on any of our police cruisers. Whether it’d be a dash cam or body cam.”

And the money is there.

Rosario says the state delegation worked with house and senate leadership to allow cities like Bridgeport to apply for reimbursements for body and dash cams.

“We shouldn’t wait any minute longer. They should be applying for this money immediately to outfit their cruisers.”

Rosario says he spoke to Bridgeport’s Police Department, who claims discussions have started to begin the process of applying for camera reimbursements.