Roy Moore learned kick boxing from Galveston martial arts instructor

GALVESTON, Texas - Long before Roy Moore was forced to defend himself against accusations of sexual assault he was learning how to defend himself physically, right here in Galveston with Ishmael Robles.

A World Title holder and 10th degree black belt Robles has been teaching martial arts for 42 years.

Robles taught the one and only Judge Roy Moore to kick box back in the 80’s when the politician came to Texas to lick his wounds after losing an election in Alabama.

“He drove up and said he had come all the way from Alabama so I could teach him to be a kick boxer, so I was thinking oh my gosh, what has the storm brought in? said Robles. "He became like a great friend a good friend of the family, my dad was dying of cancer at the time and he would go see him in the hospital like every Sunday. He was a great guy! My girlfriend and I would invite him out, we would do things together,” said Robles.

Robles says not once did Roy ever seem inappropriate with any woman underage or otherwise.

“Some girls that I knew were interested in him from the karate school when he would train with us he never. No!  He was more interested in training and working and doing what he had to do, ya know,” said Robles.

In fact, Robles says he doesn’t believe any of the allegations, especially now.

“What a lot of people are questioning is why now? Why not ya know. Chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is a very high office. In between that he ran for Governor so why didn’t these allegations come out before?” said Robles.

And while the rest of the country passes judgment on the judge from Alabama, his close family friends got one message for him.

"Stay strong, stay strong, he’s been in positions like this before and he can overcome it, I think and I’m praying for him,” Robles said.