HPD introduces Pursuit Intervention Technique to protect citizens during high speed chases

HOUSTON—Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced a new program Friday to help protect citizens during high speed chases.

The Pursuit Intervention Technique, or "The Pit" aims to lower injuries and fatalities due to high risk pursuits involving suspects and law enforcement.

“Pull over, surrender, face the consequences but the bottom line is that we believe this PIT maneuver will actually ensure the safety of our citizens, our officers and the safety of the suspects we are chasing," said Acevedo.

By having The Pit in place, the chief says criminals will have something to think about before evading law enforcement.

“The maneuver consists of taping a suspect’s vehicle as it is fleeing. Of course we will do it at a very strategic time, at very specific speeds and most vehicles once they spin out, the gas valve shuts off and the car and the engine goes out and we are able to safely bring the chase to a conclusion," Acevedo said.