WATCH: VP Mike Pence and Governor Greg Abbott reaffirms federal government’s commitment to Texas hurricane relief

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott endorses Ted Cruz, giving the senator his highest-ranking political endorsement thus far in the presidential race.

CNN—Vice President Mike Pence gave an update Wednesday on the continued federal response to devastation left in Texas by Hurricane Harvey.

Pence joined Governor Greg Abbott and former governor Rick Perry at the north Austin federal emergency management agency location.

Harvey caused hundreds of billions of dollars in damage when it slammed into the Texas coast in August.

President Trump signed a 15 billion dollar Fema relief package after the disaster.

Abbott requested another 18 billion dollars.

Abbott voiced disappointment with Washington’s decision to lump those funds in with a package that included hurricane relief for Florida and Puerto Rico.

Pence: “and as the President said when he was here after the winds died down, and as i said, our promise was we’re with you today, we’re with you tomorrow, we’ll be with you every step of the way. President Trump asked me to be here today, not only for an update but also as continuing evidence of our commitment to the people of Texas and the dedication of our administration and the american people to bringing Texas all the way back.”

Governor Abbott is pushing forward with federal funding requests at a faster pace.

The hope is that Wednesday’s meeting could lead to the next step in that process.

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