HPD: Convicted felon in custody after firearm use

HOUSTON – A convicted felon is in custody after using a firearm in his home in southwest Houston Saturday afternoon, according to the Houston Police Department.

Houston police responded to a call around 12 p.m. about a shooting at 11722 Bollinger Court.

Upon arrival, the officers viewed the suspect’s weapon through the window of his home.

The suspect was shooting the rifle in his backyard and the neighbors called 911, according to HPD.

HPD and a relative of the suspect tried to negotiate the man out of his home, but he refused, police said. Officers then contacted the SWAT unit.

HPD negotiators convinced the man out of his home, and he eventually surrendered, police said.

According to HPD, the suspect has mental health issues and suffers from drug usage. The suspect is now in custody and under evaluation.

There were no hostages or reported injuries, police said.

According to HPD,  the suspect is a convicted felon and faces a felony possession case.