Kubosh wants to put kibosh on current method of distributing Harvey funds

HOUSTON - "Our citizens that are victims of this flood need to have this money in their hands!" Houston City Councilman Michael Kubosh demanded.

Kubosh is furious with how Harvey Relief funds are being distributed.

"There are a number of funds that have raised almost a half a billion dollars to assist people with Hurricane Harvey," he pointed out.

But Kubosh says those funds are going to non-profits and to the Greater Houston Community Foundation-- and 'middlemen' are taking a cut of the funds-- instead of all the money going to those in need.

"They want to make sure that the people who are actually victims get it," he said. "Well, I want to tell you they don't have it now. The people who don't need it have it now."

For Mayor Sylvester Turner's part, he says he doesn't control the cash flow of these relief funds.

"Let me just say again, that the fund- the Relief Fund- is not being directed or controlled by the county judge or myself," the mayor declared on Wednesday.

The Greater Houston Community Foundation states they have helped more than 83,000 households and will use funds to continue to provide much needed support.

"Just what the city and the county have received, if we would have turned that money over to the citizens they would have spent this money," Kubosh insisted. "It would have been an economic boom for the city of Houston."

On the heels of this debate...the state just received an additional $5 Billion dollars in relief funds from HUD in D.C.

"This is money that comes from what's called the Community Development Block Grant funding, that will go toward housing as well as other needs that we have in the rebuilding process," Governor Greg Abbott announced.

Abbott says it will take about two weeks of working through some bureaucratic red tape before these latest funds will actually start being distributed across the state.

"This is going to be a long, difficult, and expensive recovery," Senator John Cornyn summed up.

But that's not what Kubosh wants to hear!

"Delay, delay, delay!" he remarked. "Why are we delaying giving out this money to people that are victims?"