How Harvey Weinstien could affect your holiday party at work

HOUSTON -- Who's ready for a good old-fashioned office holiday party?

You know, with one too many drinks, a copy machine stuck in “rear-end” mode and that one “not so appropriate” manager.

Only problem is, thanks to the Harvey Weinstein effect, companies are actually scaling down holiday celebrations.

A recent survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. says the number of employers throwing festivities is down nearly 4% from last year. With more than 15% of those budgeting less money for the event and 11% less will not serve alcohol as party favors.

We got the do's and the dont's.

  • Don't over drink.
  • Do arrive early.
  • Don't talk business.
  • And do work the room.

It's easy, if you plan on going at all, make it an HR department's dream and behave yourself.