Battle of the Big Mouths

WASHINGTON—Some are calling it the battle of a big baller versus a big bully, but we're just calling it the battle of the big mouths!

Lavar Ball, father of LiAngelo Ball, one of the UCLA players recently caught shoplifting in China, hasn't exactly been lavishing praise upon President Trump over his role in getting the players released.

The basketball beef started after  Trump took to Twitter asking if the players would say thank you, which they did in a press conference the very next day.

Trump Tweeted "you're welcome" but then instructed the boys to now thank the president xi of china who made the release possible."

Frustrated with the back and forth, daddy ball inserted his opinion saying "don't tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out."

And of course the Potus responded saying that he should have "left them in jail."

What a mess of a situation, lets just be thankful that American citizens made it safely out of a communist prison and are back on American soil.