Black Friday shopping safety tips from law enforcement authorities

After the turkey, comes the elbow throwing at the stores. Black Friday shopping is not for the weak. To make sure your holiday shopping spree doesn't get ruined, Harris County law enforcement officials are beefing up security and reminding people of some important safety tips to follow.

Sometimes, snagging a good deal means waiting in line for hours and maybe even squeezing your way through the crowds just to save on that cash money.

Chief Lofton Harrison with Harris County Constable Precinct One said there's always increased security during Black Friday shopping hours because car break-ins and theft incidents are common.

"If you're going out and it's dark, make sure you're with somebody else. Avoid parking in isolated places where no one can see you in the car. And make sure that when you finish all your shopping before you leave a place," Harrison said.

"Sometimes people will go to their car, put their bags in there and realize they forgot something and go back in. That's when the break-ins happen because there are people that are watching you."

Most importantly, Harrison said to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. That means no drinking and driving and drunk-shopping!

"Don't drink too much with your family and decide you want to go out and go shopping. Sometimes staying at home and doing online shopping is better and in fact, the stores recommend that too. It's a different way to shop that sometimes is a little bit safer," Harrison said.