Customers camp out, stand in line for hours to buy treats from Houston’s famous Flying Saucer Pie Company

HOUSTON - Forget black Friday.  If you love pie, we'll just call the day before Thanksgiving, wicked Wednesday in Houston.

Hungry customers camped out overnight outside the Flying Saucer Pie Company on Crosstimbers to get that sweet treat.

One customer said she arrived just before 3 a.m to claim her spot in line. After sunrise, the lines only got longer, stretching down several blocks.

Juan Rodriguez waited in line for three hours to buy 25 pies. The strawberry pie appears to be a favorite for many. For the late comers, the pies are still worth the wait.

"This is my first time in line, so it's been an experience. I tasted one last year and it was phenomenal so I decided this year to stand in line," said Kim Nesbit.