Houston holiday travel is up despite higher gas prices

HOUSTON - Thousands of Houstonians are headed out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, in what amounts to the busiest travel day of the year.

According to AAA, almost 51 million Americans will travel this Turkey Day, and that's the most since 2005!

An estimated 3.9 million Texans will travel by bus, car, train and plane this Thanksgiving, but Houston does it best -- especially when it comes to taking to the skies.

“Houston travelers are very savvy, they know it's gonna be a crowded day, so get here early. They know when they get here, get their boarding pass ready, get ready for TSA. What you see is 100,000 - 105,000 people going through this airport today and the lines are not long and we're not seeing delays and we're not seeing issues,” said Bill Begley with the Houston Airport System.

As for those brave enough hit the highways this holiday season, you're not alone. At least 45.5 million travelers choose the wide-open road, with 3.6 million of those here in Texas.

There's one important thing you can't forget to pack.

“Patience is going to be key to getting to your destination of course, when you're driving, take a deep breath, it's going to be congested on the roadways especially the interstates,” said Daniel Armbruster with AAA Texas.

But hey now! Gas prices are up 36 cents a gallon over last year!

“They are higher than last year, but they're having a minimal impact on overall travel this year and that's because the economy is still strong, consumer confidence is up and people feel like they have that extra money to travel this Thanksgiving,” said Armbruster.

So if you arrived in Houston today - welcome! Yes, rush hour is always that bad, but relax. You have a day of good food and family fun before the busiest shopping day of the year really creates a traffic nightmare.