Houston man creates candles to remember victims of mass shootings

WEBSTER, Texas - Out of the darkness of so many mass shootings over the past few years-- including the most recent Sutherland Springs Massacre-- it's so hard to find a light.

"It's senseless," candlemaker Jack Williams, founder of Cand-LED.com, lamented. "It's tough."

But this Houstonian has made it his mission to bring light to all the helpless victims lost in these national tragedies.

"We wrap glass and take people's memories-- and shed light on them. That's what we do," Williams explained.

Williams' candles are ultra modern....using LED lights instead of active flames, but they still touch those who've lost loved ones.

"She held it like her kid," he recalled of one of the mothers who lost a child in Sutherland Springs.

Williams started the creations as a way to remember his mother, then later began making memorable candles for graduations.  Now the candle memories have become a labor of love.

"I knew if I did this, it had to be perfect," he insisted. "'Cause it's probably gonna be the last thing that's ever made for some of these people."

For shooting victims, Williams makes the candles and ships them for free.

"My parents were very giving," he revealed. "I think it makes me feel closer to them when I'm doing the good deed."

However, after the Las Vegas shooting, Williams made candles for all 58 victims lost, but the City of Las Vegas turned him away and did not want the candles.

He still has all 58 candles in a box.

"We celebrate good things, but we also celebrate memories," he decided.

Williams' work brings light where there was only darkness before....crafting a candle out of the chaos.

As he summed up, "It's just something that...the gift of giving."