Man arrested after threatening neighbor with a machete in NE Houston

HOUSTON –  A man was arrested for threatening his neighbor with a deadly weapon in northeast Houston Friday morning, according to the Houston Police Department.

HPD responded to a disturbance call around 11 a.m. at 5923 Annunciation St. about a man threatening his neighbor.

According to police, the suspect attacked his neighbor with a machete, while the neighbor was driving by in their neighborhood.

The suspect used the machete to smash his window, and threatened to kill the neighbor, according to the victim.

According to HPD, when officers arrived to the scene, the suspect ran out of his house with a machete, yelled at them and ran back inside of his home.

HPD tried to talk the suspect out of his home, but he refused to exit. Police then called the SWAT unit.

SWAT hostage negotiators went on a PA system and managed to convince the suspect to give up.

The suspect came out of his home and was arrested with no issues or confrontation, police said.

The suspect faces aggravated assault charges.